Volunteer Your Time For Life-Changing Work

Hospice volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to our communities in the Idaho area while filling your own cup! There are many ways you can get involved. Volunteers are an integral part of Hospice work, and they offer help and services that may not have been otherwise accessible to our patients.

What Benefits Them Benefits You

Our goal is to create an environment in which patients, families, staff, and Hospice volunteers are treated with respect and dignity. When a hospice volunteer is assigned a patient, the volunteer becomes an integral member of that patient’s interdisciplinary team. Contact us today regarding volunteering opportunities.

A Hospice Volunteer who joins this team will often bring help and services to which patients and their families may not have access. Even without a medical background, a hospice volunteer has gifts they can offer. Here are some examples and ways that a Hospice Volunteer can benefit our patients:

Reach Out To Us

Boise/Meridian: (208) 888-7877
Caldwell/Nampa: (208) 455-1990
Emmett: (208) 365-1693
Twin Falls: (208) 733-2840
Mountain Home: (208) 587-6854
Fruitland/Ontario: (208) 549-2104
Burley: (208) 733-2840
Wound Care Clinic: (208) 733-2840

Boise / Meridian

Caldwell / Nampa

Mountain Home

Fruitland / Ontario

Wound Care Clinic

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