Horizon Home Health

At Horizon, we understand that most people prefer to stay in their own home, especially when recovering from an injury or illness. When you are at home, you can retain your sense of independence and dignity, while being in a comfortable, familiar environment, which often times can actually speed the recovery process. Home Healthcare is delivered in the Patient’s home, or home setting, such as assisted living, or retirement community. When a Physician orders Home Health, our team delivers a broad range of skilled services that may include Skilled Nursing, Therapy, Social Work or Certified Nursing Assistant.

Elderly woman receives home health care from a Horizon Home Health Care professional.

Skilled Nursing Services


Our team can provide the following Skilled Nursing Services:

Care for New or Exacerbated Diagnoses

Anti-Coagulation Therapy

Catheter Care

IV Therapy

Medication Management

Pain Management

Stroke Management

Wound Care

Psychiatric Nursing needs

Controlling Infections

Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Elderly man receives home health care from a Horizon Home Health Care professional.

Therapy Services


Our team can provide the following Therapy Services:

Physical Therapy – helps to restore balance, improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling.

Occupational Therapy – works to improve the patient’s ability to perform essential daily tasks in a safe and secure home environment.

Speech Therapy – aims to improve communication, involves strategies for better swallowing to reduce the risk of aspiration and ensure good nutrition and hydration, and enhances cognitive abilities.

Horizon Home Health and hospice has certified nursing assistants to help provide in home health care.

Certified Nursing Assistant


Our team can provide the following Certified Nursing Assistant Services:

Assistance with personal care needs such as; using the toilet, or dressing

Providing assistance with ambulation, mobility, and transfers

Preventing falls by assisting with bathing or showering

Provide assistance with activities of daily living when relevant to an illness or injury

a senior woman learns about her options for home health care.

Social Work

Home Health Social Workers assess the biological, emotional, and social factors related to the patient’s illness and how these factors affect the progress or stability of the patient’s medical condition. The Social Worker’s primary goal is to keep the patient safe in his/her home through sufficient support and services.

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